NEOM: Social media trends

On the 25th of October, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, revealed plans to launch a futuristic city – under the name of ‘Neom’ – that stretches borders into both Egypt and Jordan.

The announcement ignited an overwhelming amount of conversation in the span of one week, there have been over 60,000 mentions of the term ‘Neom’ globally.

Over 75% of social media chatter was taking place in Arabic, followed by 24% which was in English. This does not come as a surprise given that the highest volume of mentions was from Saudi Arabia, followed by the US & the UAE respectively.

Some of the most used keywords on Social Media when discussing Neom were ‘Vision 2030’, ‘Next Generation’ and ‘Future’.

Neom was not the only buzzing topic surrounding Saudi Arabia on Social Media, ‘Sophia’, the first robot to ever be granted citizenship, was also mentioned over 4,000 times in one week alone.

According to Christo Van Wyk, Area Director at Meltwater India & Middle East, “The announcement comes in line with Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision to diversify its economy & reduce dependence on oil. From what we’re seeing across social media there’s an overall positive sentiment when discussing Neom. Today, GCC countries such as Saudi Arabia & the UAE are distinguishing themselves as global leaders in technology and Artificial Intelligence.”

From what we’ve seen online, the announcement has proved to capture the attention of the public & spark countless conversations on social media regarding Saudi’s 2030 vision. Meltwater believes that for companies operating in the region, monitoring the trends and measuring the data being generated online by users can be utilized as a guide to shape their business practices and decisions in the years to come.

As the leading online news and social media monitoring company, we are delighted to have monitored the level of engagement Neom has been receiving in the social world and to present you with the above insights since the announcement was made.

[Social Media exposure of the term ‘Neom’ in both English & Arabic, the highest volume of mentions was on the 25th of October, peaking at over 19,000 mentions. The buzz around the topic has reduced but remained consistent in the past 3 days, averaging at 1500 mentions daily.]

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