Google releases study quantifying economic impact of digital maps in KSA

Time saved by digital maps related services estimated to be worth 11 billion Saudi Riyals, Google-commissioned study finds

Geospatial services saves 2.5 billion liters of fuel worth SAR 1.9 billion

Better navigation can reduce carbon emissions in the KSA by 10 million metric tonnes

A Google-commissioned study conducted by marketing research firm AlphaBeta quantified the economic impact of services like Google Maps and Google Earth by looking at the benefits and value geospatial technology brought to consumers, businesses and society in 2016 in Saudi Arabia.

According to the study, modern mapping services have the potential to unleash consumer benefits worth over SAR 5.2 billion (US$1.4 b)  per year by enabling people to:

–       Travel faster: digital maps reduced travel time by 16% on average in KSA, placing the value of time saved at SAR 11 billion (US$ 3 b)

–       Save fuel: By reducing travel time, digital maps helped save around 29 liters of fuel per car, worth SAR 23 (US$ 6) in KSA per year, that’s 2.5 billion liters of fuel, worth SAR 1.9 billion (US$ 550 m) in total

–       Be safer: 41 percent of digital map users in KSA state it helps them identify security facilities (e.g., police stations).

–       Speed up shopping: KSA consumers save over 110 million hours per year from more efficient purchasing decisions. The value of time saved is SAR 4 billion (US$ 1.1 b) (based on local wage rates)

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