Powering the e-volution

Electrification is here to stay and represents one of the most critical challenges the automotive industry faces today. With its innovative technologies for new mobility concepts, such as the design for superior, multifunctional battery housings, Röchling Automotive reaffirms its readiness for the future. The company’s latest advances will be showcased at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, in hall 6.0, booth B10, from 12 to 24 September 2017.


Solutions for safe and sound batteries

As vehicles are equipped with ever more powerful electrical systems, battery safety becomes a critical factor in car design. Röchling has designed a groundbreaking concept for multifunctional battery housings that protect the heart of electric vehicles in the event of a crash. Using Stratura® Hybrid, the company’s latest innovation in low weight reinforced thermoplastics (LWRT), the lightweight housings exhibit excellent acoustic characteristics and crash performance by absorbing the energy released in a collision without breaking or splintering. In addition, the added aluminum layers within the Stratura Hybrid material result in superior electromagnetic compatibility, meaning that the vehicle’s sophisticated electric systems are effectively shielded from potentially harmful magnetic fields. Thus, Röchling’s concept for battery housings allows different electric components of current and future electric and hybrid systems to work together in harmony.

Simplifying battery recharges

More electric vehicles are entering the market and the breakthrough of autonomous driving is on the horizon. Röchling Automotive helps OEMs meet the challenges ahead with its advanced, multifunctional designs in the field of New Mobility. In addition to technologies that leverage the company’s extensive know-how in plastics, Röchling Automotive is also developing an innovative integration of the charging coil into the car’s underbody, which facilitates convenient electric driving by removing the need to “plug in” cars to charge them conductively. Using this technology, the driver only needs to position the vehicle-integrated secondary charging coil above the primary coil built into the ground. When they are aligned, the induction charging process via electromagnetic fields begins. Röchling Automotive specifically designed the integration of the secondary system in the car to prevent these fields from causing damage to the vehicle electronics by using an integrated metallic EMC cover. The specifically developed underbody geometry also allows the transmission of higher power at a given standardized size. Furthermore, Röchling Automotive pursues a holistic approach to new mobility, designing new lightweight materials that contribute to the extension of the range of electric vehicles.

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