ORYX GTL opens nominations for esteemed post-graduate student awards in Qatar

Nominations are open for The 4th ORYX GTL Student Awards for the Advancement of Post-Graduate Education in Qatar, which recognize outstanding Masters and PhD students in the energy field who are instrumental to Qatar’s transformation into a knowledge economy as per its National Vision 2030.

The 23rd February 2017 is the deadline for nominations for the pioneering Awards.

The Awards highlight the importance of building a larger and stronger post-graduate community of energy specialists in Qatar, (which is the GTL leader both in production and technology) (With a firm belief in that GTL is the future of clean environmentally freindly and conscious fuel ORYX GTL will do all it can to support the advancement and education to the industry). ORYX GTL welcomes nominations of high quality candidates from stakeholders and students in industry and academia, along with an explanation of how the candidate’s research supports Qatar’s national goals.

“As part of ORYX GTL’s CSR and in support of the QNV we are delighted to call for nominations for The 4th ORYX GTL Student Awards for the Advancement of Post-Graduate Education in Qatar and look forward to exploring the potential of the Qatar’s youth, who are eager to learn and contribute to Qatar’s national growth.  Education is the first and most vital step in creating a knowledge-based economy and we are proud to celebrate the significant talent in our community of Masters and PhD students,” said Khloud Mohamed ITT Manager, ORYX GTL.

ORYX GTL is making great contributions to higher education in Qatar to support the training of future researchers and scientists and to initiate projects in areas of strong relevance to Qatar’s economy and prosperity. The ORYX GTL Student Awards represent a unique opportunity to support the exceptional graduate students in Qatar. Texas A&M students and faculty greatly appreciate this support as it significantly enhances the quality of research and graduate studies in Qatar” said Dr. Nimir Elbashir, Chair of the ORYX GTL Excellence Program, Director of the Gas & Fuels Research Center and Professor of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University Qatar.

Qatar hosts more tier-one US universities than any other country in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). In recent years, Qatar has also invested heavily in developing its education and research and development (R&D) capabilities by adding advanced study programs to local universities, as well as opening the Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) and the Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS). The non-profit organisation Qatar Foundation launched its first PhD program, which was titled the Qatar Foundation Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Energy Sciences (QF IDPES), in 2013 with Hamad bin Khalifa University (HBKU).

The winners of The 3rd ORYX GTL Student Awards in 2016 were:

  • Tejvir Singh: Pursuing a PhD in Sustainable Energy at Hamad Bin Khalifa University.
  • Saad Ali Al-Sobhi: Obtained a PhD from the University of Waterloo, focusing on gas processes. Yousef Al-Jaber: Obtained an Executive Masters in Energy and Resources from Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Partnership with Georgetown University, Texas A&M University & HEC Paris.
  • Jassim Al-Mejali: Graduated with a first-class honours Masters in Material Science and Technology from Qatar University.
  • Dhabia M. Al-Mohannadi: Pursuing a PhD at Texas A&M University, with a focus on sustainable design and process integration.

Nomination Criteria: 

Submit Your Applications to Brian Cozzolino: briancozzolino@gulfintelligence.com

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