Review of organic products available in the GCC

Review of organic products available in the GCC:

Orgran gluten free outback animals vegetable pasta

orgran-gluten-free-outback-animals-vegetable-pastaEveryone who has a child knows that pasta can be a solution once several food options had been sharply rejected by our juvenile. More fun maybe promised by pasta shaped as their favourite floppy creatures. Orgran Outback Animals Vegetable Pasta is a quality product produced from a natural blend of rice, sun ripened corn and vegetables. Producer assures that it provides energy, nutrition and variation essential for children’s wellbeing.


Organic Mini Bagels Healthy Turtles

organic-mini-bagels-healthy-turtlesChildren love bagels, especially healthy bagels recommended by turtles. Organic bagels made with love in Lithuania, as promised by them, should not just be a favorite délicatesse for a child, but a relief to a parent conscious about nutrition of its child. Mini Bagels: “Healthy Turtles” are enriched with fiber from organic wheat. Fiber helps regulate the body’s use of sugars, helping to keep hunger and blood sugar in check.


Bergerie Sheep Natural Yogurt

bergerie-sheep-natural-yogurtYogurt is a natural source of calcium, so important in helping to build our child’s healthy bones and teeth.




Ecomil, Almond Milk

ecomil-almond-milkLactose free almond drink. EcoMil Almond Calcium is delicious light easy to digest and rich in calcium. Almond is a particularly good source of protein containing all the essential amino acids.




Cocoa & Hazelnut Filled Cereals

cocoa-hazelnut-filled-cerealsA creamy centre filled with a cocoa-hazelnut cream covered with a crunchy outer shell, you will hear them crunch every time.

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