How to know that you are buying an organic product and what does organic really mean?

Review of organic products available in the GCC

What will I find in this article?

This article will provide you with basic information about the significance of organic food. After you have read this, you will know your perspective over organic production.


The beautiful term “organic farming” first was used in 1940s, described as an agricultural method alternative to “chemical farming” which is now called “intensive farming.” The basic requirement for organic farming is limiting the use of synthetic material in order to enhance the speed or cost of food production. “In general, organic standard are designed to allow the use of naturally occurring substances while prohibiting or strictly limiting synthetic substances,” Wikipedia says.

How does it work?

Some organic foods may have more “organic” in them, than others, but the difference is usually very modest and insignificant. According to the European Union (EU) law on organic production: “Foods may be labeled “organic” if at least 95% of their agricultural ingredients meet the necessary standards.”

Why choose organic?

Some people do not consider the importance of organic foods and that works to them just fine. A non-organic product, classified as food is still food, the difference lies in the percentage of nutritional content. A chocolate bar is not a bar of plastic or poison and potato chips, if it has “potato” in its name, it is usually made from potato. On the other hand, there are types of additives and preservatives in some foods, which are harmful and our bodies metabolize these in a different way than nutrients. A healthy system can recognize these and deal with them effectively. However, if a body that has some issues like inadequate blood pressure, excess weight or other problems, it indicates a necessity to change diet. The alternative usually is organic food, and most of the time it is very much effective.

How do I recognize organic foods in supermarkets?

It depends on your local country laws and regulations on marking organic food. For example: foods produced and supplied to market according to the laws of the EU have a marking of a green rectangle in which white stars are placed in order to form a leaf. That means that the product is no less than 95 per cent natural and organic. So next time you go to a supermarket, have a look – you might find your favorite products in the realm of organic and super-healthy.

How to choose organic product for your child: Review of organic products available in the GCC

Orgran gluten free outback animals vegetable pasta

orgran-gluten-free-outback-animals-vegetable-pastaEveryone who has a child knows that pasta can be a solution once several food options had been sharply rejected by our juvenile. More fun maybe promised by pasta shaped as their favourite floppy creatures. Orgran Outback Animals Vegetable Pasta is a quality product produced from a natural blend of rice, sun ripened corn and vegetables. Producer assures that it provides energy, nutrition and variation essential for children’s wellbeing.


Organic Mini Bagels Healthy Turtles

organic-mini-bagels-healthy-turtlesChildren love bagels, especially healthy bagels recommended by turtles. Organic bagels made with love in Lithuania, as promised by them, should not just be a favorite délicatesse for a child, but a relief to a parent conscious about nutrition of its child. Mini Bagels: “Healthy Turtles” are enriched with fiber from organic wheat. Fiber helps regulate the body’s use of sugars, helping to keep hunger and blood sugar in check.


Bergerie Sheep Natural Yogurt

bergerie-sheep-natural-yogurtYogurt is a natural source of calcium, so important in helping to build our child’s healthy bones and teeth.




Ecomil, Almond Milk

ecomil-almond-milkLactose free almond drink. EcoMil Almond Calcium is delicious light easy to digest and rich in calcium. Almond is a particularly good source of protein containing all the essential amino acids.

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