Palazzo Versace: it feels like being somewhere else

The Palazzo Versace located in the Culture Village adjoining Dubai Creek, though not particularly distinguished from other super-hotels by its exterior, enjoys the best internal decoration and furnishings of any hotel at which we have stayed in this region. Indeed it stands out above the other five-star hotels in several respects including service and the presentation and quality of food.

The new Palazzo Versace in Dubai and its predecessor on the Gold Coast of Australia (opened in 2000) are both broadly inspired by the Casa Casuarina purchased and renovated by the late Gianni Versace in Florida. They share the Versace logo of the surprisingly beautiful and innocuous medusa derived from the Rondanini Medusa. Alan Rohwer designed the interiors of Palazzo Versace in Dubai. This interior decoration includes mosaics (an enormous example on the floor of the main lounge as well as smaller ones in the guest bathrooms), woodwork, and textiles as well as typical Versace themes such as Greek key and (French) Empire style. Local culture is acknowledged in the hawk and falcon designs on cushions while the walls of corridors leading to guests’ rooms are lined with original examples of Versace’s scarves.

versace dubai

The hotel staff have their own smart uniform bearing the Medusa logo and, judging from those we spoke to, receive a special buzz from working at Palazzo Versace. We certainly received excellent service and all the care and attention we could require whether inside or outside our room. Not all of the hotel’s floors have been completed and opened, which might account for the high proportion of staff relative to guests. Yet there is also a feeling of real plenty—not one but two pianos in the lounge, for example—so this may be the intended proportion.


For most guests, the key factor in a hotel is the quality of the sleep they obtain there. We found no fault in the comfort of the furnishings, though as in nearly all modern hotels several of the room’s devices bore tiny LEDs of the sort which compromise the total darkness that normally accompanies the best sleep. Thick carpets in the corridor and a vestibule with a second door ensured silent surroundings. The cot was the best we’d seen in a hotel, with a beautiful toddler bath wear and a suitably proportioned bathroom robe for our baby.

As for the bathroom, its magnificent bath was capacious enough to accommodate both of us together with the baby. Although I was surprised to find a telephone on the wall beside the toilet, presumably that satisfies some guests’ needs.

Versace bath

Food in the buffet area offered the best selection and was the best presented in our experience. Instead of heaped quantities there were decoratively neat amounts topped and tidied up with frequency. In the evening we dined in the Vanitas, an Italian restaurant specialising in seafood. Although the sizes of the servings were modest, those we chose were imaginative, tasty and—like the hotel’s buffet—more attentive than most to health.


Palazzo Versace has two pools—one for adults and older children, the other, shallower pool for families with toddlers.

We can thoroughly recommend this hotel.

Mrs Moza was a quest of Palazzo Versace Dubai – Deluxe Versace Room with Creek View starts from SAR 1,400 a night, excl. city and service tax. For more information you may visit their website:‎.



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