Zamil Selects Nexthink to Streamline Operations and Manage Delivery of Its Million Dollar Projects

With revenues of SAR 5.49 billion (US$ 1.46 billion) in 2015, Zamil Industrial is committed to meet the objectives of the Company and its stakeholders set for 2016, as well as ensure continuity of its multi-million dollar projects in the pipeline.

Consequently, the construction materials company has selected Nexthink to achieve complete and real-time visibility of its IT infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted service to its end-users (employees) and timely delivery of its projects.

Yousif Hassan, Sales Manager, Nexthink. “Any disruption in service can affect end-users’ performance and delivery of service. With many projects in the pipeline, Zamil needs to stay ahead and have full control over its operations. Nexthink provides Zamil real-time and accurate data that enables the IT team to better understand how the system is being used in order to respond to technical issues much faster that ultimately supports the business objectives of the Company.”

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