Additional security measures for Saudi mosques

mosqueImage for the illustration purpose only

Saudi Arabia is planning to introduce stricter control over what is happening in mosques by installing more closed circuit cameras. One of the possible reasons is the circulating disconcerting rumor stating that imams gather around and propagate revolutionary beliefs to other prayers. While there might be another aim to guard mosques more attentively. Justificatory evidence to support would be previously planned terrorist attacks in the Eastern Province by the Islamic State, when Shia mosque was bombed.

A perfect example of the whole security idea embodies the Grand Mosque with its 5,000 cameras. According to Saad bin Abdullah Al-Khelaiwi, director general of the center: “The center works with security field teams during peak times, such as before Iftar and after Taraweeh prayers to ensure the safety of every individual. The center also monitors the mechanisms for guiding worshipers and visitors at public transport stations in the central area surrounding the Grand Mosque,” stated Arab News.

This is not the first time when Saudi authorities are paying a special attention to the worshipers and their general safety. Back in 2013, there were installed 1,700 closed circuit cameras in Mecca to ensure a safer pilgrimage.

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