A weekend in the heritage Dubai

Bur Dubai, the working heart of historic Dubai is flanked by Al Bastakiya and the Heritage area. Al Bastakiya possesses some wonderful cultural and architectural features: the Hindu temple and Shia mosque, testaments to Dubai’s religious tolerance; the wind towers which like the name of the district take their origins from the Iran; and the 18th century fort which houses the Dubai museum.

The heritage area, which lies closer to the mouth of the Creek, offers more of a leisurely promenade and less of the bustle of Bur Dubai and Al Bastakiya. As well as smaller museums and historic houses it has charming cafes and open air Emirati stalls and entertainments.

Visitors to Dubai Creek often join the local workers on the cheap (SAR1 per trip) powered wooden craft which move between its eastern and western banks. The Arabic name of these boats “abra” means crossing.


On East side, one is well placed to examine the dhows, some of which are moored there and other which can be observed as they move majestically up and down that side of the Creek. Sadly many first time visitors confine themselves to looking over the dhows before hastening back to Bur Dubai. In doing so they miss the Spice Bazaar and/or the Gold Souq.


Although many tourists focus on the western side of the creek, Bur Dubai, in fact eastern side, Deira, is just as interesting and not a bad place to stay. We chose Hues Boutique Hotel opened in 2009 which overlooks the sea and is located within one of the most ethnically diverse parts of Dubai. This is the first essay of the Hues hotel brand which was further developed in Sharjah and will further realize its vision at the resort in Fujairah.

Hues as a name suggest is all about the modern subtle use of colour and has nothing to do with traditional glitzy hotel decor. As such it has a western feel which stresses esthetic values rather than wealth and status.


We visited Dubai during Ramadan when the central core of the hotel was illuminated by the festive “fawanees” (lanterns) associated with that month. The hotel, though understandably subdued during Ramadan, normally exhibits a lively activity in the bars and restaurants at its lobby level. Guests are able to enjoy a quiet sleep upstairs or if they prefer just pop down to mingle with the sociable crowd downstairs.

Mrs Moza was a quest of Hues Boutique Hotel Dubai. Double – Deluxe Double room starts from SAR 340 a night, excl. city and service tax. For more information you may visit their website: www.huesboutiquehotel.com. To reserve please email: reservations@huesboutiquehotel.com or call +971 4 236 5566.

Images: Dhows and minarette in Dubai Heritage area; Man and cat in Al Bastakiya; Hues boutique hotel

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