Smartphone penetration in Saudi Arabia is, by world standards, phenomenal

Smartphones are reshaping the way people interact with their environment across the world, and particularly among the GCC where nearly everyone possesses more than one phone. Out of 22 million smartphone users in the MENA region, 12 million users are located in the Arabian Gulf.

“Marketing is shifting to marketing applications,” stated Duncan Alexander, Director of the Travel Marketing Store, during the Travel Marketing Forum.

Saudi Arabia ranks 3rd on the smartphones penetration list in the GCC, with 60 per cent penetration, after Qatar and the UAE representing 75 per cent and 73 per cent respectively,  said Thierry Dongier at Amadeus.

Mobiles continue to transform the shopping experience with 79 per cent of people using their phones for shopping and 74 per cent for product research.

It has not only become easier to find, research and compare products online, but likewise to book a hotel and a plane ticket the next time you plan a journey. Statistics presented by Amadeus during the Forum  demonstrate that mobile usage for travel arrangements is growing in the Kingdom with 23 per cent of Saudis using their smartphones for travel related arrangements.

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