Bamboo crib covered in raw silk

The time to choose a baby crib has arrived.

It was inspiring to witness Dr Gunter Pauli’s drive, motivation and commitment to the socially driven ecosystem during one of his lectures on the Blue Economy. Each of us, whether old and small, may take responsibility by contributing to, creating and driving forward change. His organisation’s impressive inventions include houses from foam glass, fishing boats without nets, stone paper and many other green initiatives.

Given the fact that the arrival of our baby is imminent my attention was understandably drawn to the all-natural baby crib manufactured from bamboo and raw silk.

Bamboo crib covered with raw silk

Raw silk is believed to eliminate the baby from bacteria. Where else would your little sibling feel best during his/her first days?The other question is how much are you prepared to pay. So far 120 cribs have been sold at a cost of USD 6,000 each.

The custom designed bamboo crib with raw silk may be ordered through the following website:

A reader may review the Blue Economy inventions by following the link below:

By Mrs Moza

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