Growing demand for expressive fashion and stylists

The number of women following fashion trends in the Kingdom is developing fast with garments in more vivid colors and shapes that display the character of their wearers growing in demand. Although straight up and down black abayas are still very often worn, city ladies continue hunting for new styles. The abaya isn’t just about traditional shape anymore. Couture abaya designers are now looking to new shapes, colours, embroideries and inspiration and changing their profession from traditional tailoring to that of fashion stylist.

During the last decade glamorous pleats and embroidery appeared on abayas, but more recently their shape and even colour have been transformed as well. Things are changing as up-and-coming designers create a new niche in the fashion world. They are successfully fusing current fashion trends with modesty to create a distinct and modern look for the contemporary Saudi woman.

Princess Amira AlsaudImage: Princess Amira Alsaud

The value of the global Muslim fashion industry is estimated at USD 96 billion and rapidly growing. This growth is influenced by a generation of confident Muslims empowering their identity.

The abaya market in the Gulf is very fragmented, with many small family fashion brands available from home, and thus provides opportunities for differentiating dress by wearing a unique piece of artwork rather than mass production line clothing.

The reputation of Saudi businesswomen in the clothing industry is growing fast outside the Kingdom. Several leading Saudi brands already occupy leading positions within women’s fashion of the Arabian Peninsula and have recently extended their influence to the Asia Pacific  region and begun to penetrate other markets. Today Saudi fashion labels and designers offer a range of colorful and elegant abayas, hats and even garments for contemporary western ladies as well.

HaalImage: By Haal Inc.

With this change in abaya styles the emerging Islamic fashion concept has the potential for further growth. Designers continue to offer abayas in all their couture glory, combining traditional dress with style and fashion at the same time.

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