Solar Impulse and partners unveil the route of their first Round-The-World Solar Flight Attempt

solra impulse

Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, the Swiss co-founders and pilots of Solar Impulse, along with their Partners, today revealed the detailed global flight route of Solar Impulse 2 (Si2). The first … [Read more...]

The evolution of eating habits: new trends of food consumption

Saudi food

The world interconnectedness and continued innovation in agriculture and high-tech industries facilitate an easier access to comfort, whilst food industry is considered as one of the milestones to be … [Read more...]

The Rolls Royce of prams


The time to choose the best pram in the world has arrived. Although darling simply proposed the Rolls Royce of prams, Balmoral Classic Pram, my attention tends towards a new edition designed to fit … [Read more...]

A suitcase packed for you


Luggage packing and a personal stylist is a time-consuming exercise. Now you may just call and an expert who will pick and pack a selection of clothes suited to you. The concept originated by Chapar … [Read more...]

Investment in renewable power: reconciling demand for energy with halting or slowing climate change

green car

The worldwide renewable energy industry was valued at over USD 250 billion and created nearly 6 million jobs in 2013. Consequently it is an economic factor to which governments are increasingly … [Read more...]

OPINION: Saudi Arabia’s stock market and its prospects


The recovery of financial markets after the 2008 financial crisis influences investor’s trust in stocks. Today’s bull market is the fourth largest since the 1929 crash and stocks have nearly tripled … [Read more...]

Prospects for Arab countries in Ascot for 2015


Royal Ascot racecourse is Britain's most popular annual race meeting. It is all about fast horses and fancy hats at Royal Ascot, the world's most famous horse race, and the most glamorous event in … [Read more...]

Food culture in a contemporary Saudi Arabia. What ancestors would think?

Saudi food

By Gertruda Gecaite Food culture has developed hand in hand with other transformations in Saudi Arabia. Since the foundation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the beginning of XX century, it was … [Read more...]

“Quantum compass” as an alternative to GPS


A new navigation system, “quantum compass” that would not rely on space-based technologies is being developed by the British Ministry of Defence. It is expected that a new “quantum compass” will be … [Read more...]

Dancing in Arabia

sword damce

One of Saudi Arabia's more famous bedouin traditions is the sword dance. During the early years of Abd al-Aziz's rule, the Ikhwan's disapproval of dancing discouraged even this traditional form of … [Read more...]

Interview: Youabian Puma designer, Dr Kambiz Youabian


The exclusive interview with the Youabian Puma designer, Dr Kambiz Youabian. Where did you get the idea of creating this extraordinarily large automobile? I remember when I was growing up in Los … [Read more...]

$1.1 million pleasure “Dune Buggy” Youabian Puma wins the Los Angeles Auto Show


The Youabian Puma was created with one goal in mind: "To stand out and be unique." Unveiled at this week's 10-days Los Angeles Auto Show, the long and large four-seater has drawn more attention than … [Read more...]


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