OPEC Needs to Cut Oil Supplies to Push Prices Above $50 Barrel: GIQ Survey

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, which pumps about one third of the world’s oil supply, needs to cut production to sustain a rise in crude prices above $50 a barrel, according to the … [Read more...]

Analysis: Development of business leaders in Saudi Arabia does not live up to the global standards

The Leadership Circle has analyzed the investments made in development of business leaders in the GCC countries. The conclusion of the analysis is that organizations in the region, and not least in … [Read more...]

Adapting the social contract lies at the heart of achieving productive, sustainable Arab employment

The Rethinking Arab Employment report says the Arab world’s prospects for economic growth would improve if young people were given more control of their own career paths Report’s analysis of the … [Read more...]

Smartphone penetration in Saudi Arabia is, by world standards, phenomenal

Smartphones are reshaping the way people interact with their environment across the world, and particularly among the GCC where nearly everyone possesses more than one phone. Out of 22 million … [Read more...]

Tadawul All Share Index (TASI) continues on its upward trend

The Tadawul All Share Index (TASI) continues on its upward trend as Kingdom proposes to ease ownership rules and grand foreign investors and access to the stock market. The Tadawul All Share Index … [Read more...]

OPINION: Saudi Arabia’s stock market and its prospects

The recovery of financial markets after the 2008 financial crisis influences investor’s trust in stocks. Today’s bull market is the fourth largest since the 1929 crash and stocks have nearly tripled … [Read more...]

The unemployment concern is low in the Kingdom

Arab youth consider Saudi Arabia as their country’s biggest ally underlining the rising prominence of the Kingdom in the region’s political and economic scene, according to the findings of the 6th … [Read more...]

Oil prices drop by more than 40 cents

Oil prices fell by more than 40 cents after surprise U.S. plans to initiate a “test” release of crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). The news spurred speculation of efforts to contain … [Read more...]

Interview: Dr. Saad A. Khalil Esa, King Abdullah Initiative for Agricultural Investment Abroad

An exclusive interview with Dr. Saad A. Khalil Esa, Director, Office of King Abdullah Initiative for Agricultural Investment Abroad, The Ministry of Agriculture. What is the fund's value? It is a … [Read more...]

Global agriculture market experiencing a steady 5 per cent annual growth

Global agriculture is a broad and large market (the 3rd largest after currency and energy markets) and experiencing a steady 4 – 5 per cent annual growth. Image for illustration purpose only The … [Read more...]

Saudi Aramco cuts oil prices for Asian customers

Image for illustration purpose only Saudi Aramco cut the official selling price (OSP) for its benchmark Arab Light grade to a premium of USD 1.75 a barrel over Dubai and Oman, down from USD 2.45 in … [Read more...]

Dates’ remnants instead of imported maize to compose compound feed for poultry

Riyadh -- A recent scientific study recommended making use of dates’ remnants unfit for human consumption in varied percentages to compose poultry feed instead of imported maize. Outcomes of the … [Read more...]

Hotels in Saudi Arabia are struggling compared to the previous year

Saudi Arabia recorded an occupancy rate of 61.4 per cent in December 2013, while revenue per available room was SAR 488.68, according to STR Global data. Hotel occupancy has decreased by 12 per … [Read more...]

Fuel cost in the oil-rich Kingdom is among the cheapest in the world

According to Cost of Living Reports Middle East (CLR), fuel in the oil-rich Saudi Arabia costs on average 13c/L making it the second cheapest in the world after Venezuela. Saudi petrol sold for … [Read more...]

Collaboration among GCC states in the Life Sciences field remains on the agenda since 1965

Recognising that research in the Life Sciences can help to improve treatment and reduce healthcare costs for the growing population in the region, GCC governments are now undertaking initiatives to … [Read more...]

America’s oil finds will not sideline Saudi Arabia

By Mohammad Al Sabban There has been celebration in the US over the fact that it will become the leading producer of oil and liquefied natural gas by 2014. Some reports describe as the start of a … [Read more...]

How educated is the population in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia remains one of the largest oil exporters in the world. The Kingdom continues to depend heavily upon its oil revenues to achieve economic development and a prosperous life for its … [Read more...]

Senior Executives in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia follows a policy of Saudization for the purpose of meeting shortages of skilled workers and providing employment opportunities for its nationals. The method of reserving certain jobs for … [Read more...]

Employment Statistics: Saudi Arabia

60 per cent of Saudi citizens aged 15 and above are unemployed. Among the total population the proportions of male and female unemployment stands at 30 per cent to 70 per cent, but It is calculated … [Read more...]

Financial Structure Effect on Bank Profitability in the GCC: Before and After the 2007 Financial Crisis

Financial markets are a core component of the economic environment and economic development; and banks, stock exchanges, insurance and mediation companies are vital components of any financial market. … [Read more...]