Saudi Arabia seeks USD 200mn military training deal with US

Saudi Arabia is reviewing the possibility of the USD 200 million military deal with the United States to receive training and advisory support for its Ministry of Defence. The US State Department … [Read more...]

New Trojan “Locky” targets businesses and individuals

A Trojan named “Locky” is currently paralysing computers of enterprises and private individuals with the aim to extort ransom money. RadarServices, a leading managed security service provider warns … [Read more...]

Travel warnings against travel to Lebanon

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates all issued travel warnings against travel to Lebanon. … [Read more...]

man divorces wife over ‘unknown’ mobile phone

Saudi online users have criticised a countryman after he divorced his wife for getting a mobile phone without his knowledge. The husband became aware of the phone as he and his wife were entering a … [Read more...]

Disruptive technologies key to energy progress amid low prices

Disruptive technologies are set to accelerate the transformation of the oil and gas sector in the Gulf during the lower price era, according to 77% of respondents to a Gulf Intelligence Industry … [Read more...]

US$352 billion railway projects underway in the Middle East

The Middle Eastern & North African countries are forging ahead with plans to establish a strong passenger and freight transport network with 16 major railway projects worth US$352 billion … [Read more...]

MENA Women in Finance award launched at diversity event

A new Middle East & North Africa (MENA) ‘Women in Finance’ award has been launched at an event in Dubai which looked at how businesses can encourage greater diversity and benefit in the … [Read more...]