Saudi Aramco is Eyeing IPO to Offload Refining Assets

Saudi Arabia’s announcement that it is considering selling part of the national oil company in a public offering this year suggests that the world’s largest oil company is following the global trend … [Read more...]

Oil Prices Unlikely to Climb above $40/bl average in 2016, GI Survey Says

51% of the respondents to a GI Survey of 250 energy industry professionals operating in the UAE expect oil prices to average $40/bl in 2016, while nearly a third of respondents cited $30/bl. Oil … [Read more...]

Saudi/Iran conflict could be a flashpoint

Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Energy, often dubbed in the media as the “frackmaster” because of his staunch support of hydraulic fracturing, is warning of panic in the Texas oilfields, as the oil … [Read more...]

Renewable Energy Post-COP21: Seizing the Opportunity at IRENA Assembly

Source: Renewable Energy Post-COP21: Seizing the Opportunity at IRENA Assembly … [Read more...]

OPEC’s market share battle with Shale producers isn’t working: U.S. Drillers

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which pumps about 40 per cent of the world’s oil, should abandon its policy of flooding the market with unwanted supplies in the hope that … [Read more...]

Gas price hike in Saudi Arabia

The price of gasoline jumped by 50 per cent yesterday in Saudi Arabia. A line a cars surrounded gas-station on Monday to fill up their car tanks before the price jump. Many people in Saudi Arabia … [Read more...]

Private vs. public ag investment in the Middle East: bridging the gap for greater innovation in the space

There are different goals with ag investments in the private sector vs. the public sector here, and a more coordinated effort between the two can reap greater efficacy and opportunities for all. … [Read more...]