Fashion Forward Dubai Spring/Summer ’16 … [Read more...]

Study: Arabian Gulf could experience deadly heat

Within this century, parts of the Arabian Gulf region could be hit with unprecedented events of deadly heat as a result of climate change, according to a study of high-resolution climate … [Read more...]

Man divorced his wife because she brings bad luck

A man who divorced his wife two days after their marriage because she brings bad luck - a common divorce scenario. The superstitious man stated to the court that he understood that something was … [Read more...]

Processed meats causes cancer – WHO

World Health Organisation reported - bacon, sausages and ham among most carcinogenic substances along with cigarettes, alcohol, asbestos and arsenic. The report from the WHO’s International Agency … [Read more...]

Hussein Bazaza wins DDFC Fashion Prize

Lebanese designer Hussein Bazaza has been announced as the winner of the first ever - DDFC Fashion Prize, valued at US $250,000. Bazaza's winning capsule collection will be available … [Read more...]

Sama is selling financial assets in Europe

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (Sama) is selling financial assets in Europe. Sama had about $671.8bn in assets under management as of the middle of this year, up from about $29bn in 2004, … [Read more...]

Lawrie Shabibi at Artissima 2015

Lawrie Shabibi is pleased to announce its participation in the Present Future section of Artissima with a solo presentation by Yazan Khalili.  Khalili’s practice is detailed, reflective and full of … [Read more...]

Abscessed tooth awareness: are you at risk?

Dr. Marwan Al-Obeidi, Clinical Head at Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinics, talks about the causes of tooth abscess, its dangers and treatment. What is an abscessed tooth and what causes it? An abscess is … [Read more...]

Event: PetroEnvironment, 22 – 24 February 2016, Damman, Saudi Arabia

Event: PetroEnvironment 2016 Location: Damman, Saudi Arabia Dates: 22 – 24 February 2016 Short Description: PetroEnvironment 2016 - PetroEnvironment will return … [Read more...]

Analysis: Development of business leaders in Saudi Arabia does not live up to the global standards

The Leadership Circle has analyzed the investments made in development of business leaders in the GCC countries. The conclusion of the analysis is that organizations in the region, and not least in … [Read more...]

The MENA M&A market at its lows during Q3’2015

The slow MENA M&A activity witnessed during the recent period, as it fails to redress from the current lows. The overall 12-month activity falls short from any sign of rebound, enduring the impact … [Read more...]

Al Mazaya Holding Group has purchased a new commercial tower in Riyadh

Al Mazaya Holding Group has purchased a new commercial tower, occupying an area of 2,160 sqm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for $34.6m (SAR130m). Engineer Al Soqabi said: "Riyadh is one of the most … [Read more...]

Green energy: Power Clouds wins 2015 solar awards for project development for second year running

Power Clouds Inc. with the Zero Emissions Initiative has won the Solar Industry Award for 2015 in the Project Development category for the second year running. Power Clouds shared the honors with … [Read more...]