Story competition

Dear Readers,

We are starting a story competition.

The story develops and grows as lines are added, one at a time, by readers. A reader may contribute as many lines as he or she wants, but only one line at a time.  Each line must be separated by someone else’s contribution.

Please add your next sentence through our Facebook page ( or email it to with the subject heading: “STORY COMPETITION” and we will add it to the story.

The contributor of the best line or lines will be announced on 1st January 2015 and will be awarded the title of ORYX Story Writer 2014. If two contributors are judged equally meritworthy the title will be shared.

ORYX Saudi Arabia News Team


When the eskimo put on his ‘kundura’, he became invisible (Mr Moza)

After all, it was not every day that he was invited to eat with so important a person as King Babar (Ali E.)

It was customary at the court of King Babar to wear Gulf dress (Mohammed Z.)

Then the eskimo mounted his steam balloon and set off for the banquet (Fatima Al-A.)

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