Scientific seminar on divorce in Saudi Arabia


Marriage contracts in 1413 AH (1993) reached 67.934 then dropped down  in following four years (1414 – 1418AH) (1994-1998) with a remarkable rise in 1418AH (1998) when they registered 70.169 marriage contract, said Dr. Abdulaziz Hamoud AlShathry during the 33rd scientific seminar under the banner: Divorce in the Saudi Society: Causes, Impacts and Solutions. He explained that contract marriages went on increasing in the recent years till they reached 162.880 marriage contract in 1432AH (2011). In contrast, the divorce deeds  registered 13,227  in 1413AH (1993) and increased steadily until till they reached 34.622 deed  in 1432 AH (2011) which in itself  reflects a two fold  increase in cases of divorce and threatens to exacerbate this social disaster.

Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Khaime, Supervisor General of the General Directorate for Research Grants at KACST, gave the opening speech of the seminar where he welcomed the attendees then highlighted that KACST has lately taken sincere interest in human sciences on equal footing with other sciences due to their impact on the Saudi society structure particularly divorce.

Then Dr. Abdulaziz Hamoud AlShathry, Undersecretary of the Department of Sociology and Social Work for Graduate Studies at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University at Riyadh,  presented outputs of a research study conducted on the divorce  phenomenon in the Saudi society,  reasons leading to it and the resulting impacts of this destructive phenomenon through determining  the problem volume, linking  it with the social, economic and educational variables of the divorcees as well as exploring the current social and economical circumstances in the Saudi society and recommending solutions to reduce  this  family subversive phenomenon.

Dr. Mayssarah Taher, Psychological and Family Consultant, Professor of Psychological Health and Psychotherapy , Department of Psychology at King Abdul Aziz University gave a lecture entitled  ( Divorce  from Therapeutic Perspective) where he  spotted the light on  the psychological and health effects of divorce in the Saudi society as he also recommended   effective therapeutic techniques.

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